Walking the Talk of Self-empowerment

By David Milgram

As a licensed chiropractor, energetic healer, and founder of the Positive Body Language system of healing, I have discovered working with thousands of people that there are seven major healing keys to developing self-empowerment. And the foundation of all seven keys lies in self-knowledge and self-discovery. I’ll give you a brief rundown on each key and then I’d like to talk a little bit how I came to understand the keys through my own learning and practice.

The 1st Key to self-empowerment is developing the ability to tune in to the wisdom contained within your energy body. I call this the energetic of “receiving oneself” by getting quiet and going within to touch the divine feminine aspect within both woman and man. Key # 2 is about honoring the spiritual body and creating a portable temple within yourself by embracing honesty, trueness, genuineness, and authenticity with self. It’s also a process of recognizing your oneness and sameness with others.

Key #3 to self-empowerment is about honoring your mind while opening to the divine mind within you, the voice of spirit guiding you, trying to help you grow and learn. Key # 4 is honoring the emotional body, which is not only about doing the hard work of letting go of negative energy and negative emotions that no longer serve, but also about letting go of everything that seems to stand in the way of you expressing unconditional love.

Key #5 to self-empowerment is honoring the physical body for its uniqueness, which is the exact opposite of how the spiritual body is honored by recognizing its Oneness with All That Is. The way to honor any physical being is to pay strict attention and attune to their individual idiosyncrasies and uniqueness. Key # 6 is about honoring the vital body by grabbing hold of your vital energy and letting yourself catch fire! The vital body is fueled by fighting hard for what is right, empowering yourself in every way possible, not letting go of a situation until you’re blessed.

Finally, Key # 7 to self-empowerment is about honoring the soul body, and the route to this lies in acceptance of who you are, where you’re at, and what you’re doing.

I was fortunate to learn how to “tune in” at an early age. Some people are natural born clairvoyants. They “see things” apparently distinct from the time/space continuum they’re in. Others are naturally born with the particular gift of clairsentience. They “feel things” at a distance and access deep knowledge from beyond what’s local. I am, by nature, a clairaudient person. I hear a voice inside speaking messages that inform me of things regarding patients, people I’ll run into soon, cool places to check out while I’m hiking, and how events in the world will develop.

For example, in 1964, when I was seven, my Dad took me to IBM headquarters in White Plains, N.Y. on a Sunday morning to see one of the first lasers ever developed. We stood in front of this window where it was sealed off. I looked at the intensity of the light and my inner voice said, Later, many things will be run by laser. The voice also said, You’ll see electric power be generated by the ocean’s tides. At the time I wondered if that was really true. Of course, both these things are happening now. But it was experiences like that that early on taught me the importance of paying attention to and honoring the larger voice within me. It also taught me the difficult lesson that I was unique—not special or better than anyone else—but unique. And part of my own path to self-empowerment lay in accepting that.

After I graduated from chiropractic college, my healing practice in Flagstaff and Sedona, Arizona brought me into contact with a great many Native American elders and healers. Early on I was asked to provide my services to Grandfather David Monongye, a Prophecy Keeper of the Hopis. I met the legendary Chief of the Rainbow Tribe in his village two days later. The “Old Turtle” was purported to be 101. After working on him, he said, “You must be a real medicine man. I can see and hear you better.”

He sent me to visit other old Native leaders and chiefs. Within three years I had three dozen patients over age 75 and several over the age of 100. I always gave these “Holy People,” who were adept at holding the sacredness of prayer deep in their hearts despite outer circumstance the credit for the healings that occurred. It never was and never is just “me” doing the healing. Working with these beings made me pray very deeply in order to tune in and find what to do for them and how to do it.

I learned to go very soft inside and open to my feminine nature. I learned to be incredibly gentle, working on old bones. I learned to let go of all the ideas and self-important educated attitudes I held that told me I knew what I was doing and listened, aligning myself with each patient’s uniqueness.

It’s amazing all the subtle information that we can learn to track and convey! Equally amazing is how much each one of us can expand and “fine tune” ourselves to spirit’s voice. There is so much more to this world and ourselves than we normally allow ourselves to know—a refinement of information is constantly available to us, and tuning in to those more refined levels changes everything.

Tuning in, receptivity, honesty, others, fighting hard to find what’s right and following that path no matter what, refinement and growth, all lie at the heart and soul of self-empowerment.

David H. Milgram is a holistic chiropractor at his Turtle Island Healing Centers in Flagstaff

and Sedona, Arizona. He is the founder of Positive Body Language, (PBL) which utilizes various sequences of acupressure points on the spinal column, cranium, torso, and the extremities to communicate to the body/mind/spirit in a language the biofield naturally understands.