The 7 Healing Keys to Self-empowerment

By Dr. David Milgram

If we were to read all the books that were lost when the great library at Alexandria burned, we would learn nothing so important as what the ancient Greeks talked about when they said, Know thyself. Self-knowledge is the foundation of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing as well as self-empowerment. As a licensed chiropractor, energetic healer, and founder of the Positive Body Language system, I’ve discovered working with thousands of people that there are seven major healing keys to developing self-empowerment.

The 1st Key is developing the ability to tune in to the wisdom contained within your energy body. I call this the energetic of “receiving oneself” by getting quiet and going within to touch the divine feminine aspect within you. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a woman or a man. This aspect is within you and you develop it by relaxing and learning to trust your inner sense of self, knowing who you really are and acknowledging what you are genuinely feeling from moment to moment.

This kind of tuning in, which is foundational to all healing, is really an energetic softening—the feeling of softening to your inner being, to the spirit within you. A lot of people say that to be healthy we need to be happy and feel good all the time. But frankly, sometimes just softening and gently accepting that it’s time to be real with yourself is the key that opens the door to lasting health and healing. And a big part of the softening, receiving process is remembering gratitude, remembering to say “Thank you” for all that you already have, and also remembering to say “Please” when it comes to what you’re asking for now.

Key # 2 to Self-empowerment is about honoring the spiritual body and creating a portable temple within ourselves by embracing honesty, trueness, genuineness, and authenticity with self. It’s also a process of recognizing our sameness. In the spiritual body, we’re like ice cubes in our compartmentalized trays. We think we’re so different from each other, but melt us down and we’re all the same: water.

The dominant energetic blocking our recognition of the spiritual body and our sameness comes from the fact that we suffer from the illusion of separation. To get beyond this we need to learn to look at the whole picture rather than compartmentalizing people and situations into right or wrong, good or bad, feminine or masculine, logical or intuitive camps.

The primary direction of honoring the spiritual body is centrifugal, creatively expressing outwardly from our deepest core. The 2nd Key to self-empowerment lies in learning not to merely look at the parts, but to put the pieces of ourselves and our lives together into a greater whole so that we may realize and manifest the greater energy that seeks to flow through us.

Key #3 to Self-empowerment is about honoring the mind while opening to the divine mind within us, the voice of spirit guiding us, trying to help us grow and learn. The biblical character Noah is a great example of one who honored the mental body. Noah was asked by God to build the ark, and the specifications were very exacting. To get the job done and land safely after the flood, Noah had to be very relaxed and centered, learning to listen at an extreme level, while trusting his own mind and the information he was receiving.

Honoring and creating harmony in the mind may be facilitated by getting rid of negative emotions and avoiding toxic chemicals, people and situations. Eating right, getting plenty of rest and proper exercise are also crucial. For example, centering one’s blood sugar is a major key for keeping mental harmony and balance. When your blood sugar is balanced, you’re not too wired and not too tired. And to keep that center means eating on time and eating the foods that are right for you. Another way to create mental harmony and open to the divine mind is to ask spirit, “Teach me, please. Teach me.” And then wait and keep an open mind about what comes.

Key # 4 to self-empowerment is honoring the emotional body which is not only about doing the hardcore work (I call it heart-core work!) letting go of negative energy and negative emotions that are no longer serving us, but also about letting go of everything that seems to stand in the way of expressing unconditional love. The core issue blocking this is being overly attached to the past and holding too many expectations about the future—not being in the present moment. This is commonly known as PTSD – Present Time Synchronization Disorder. This doesn’t mean do nothing. It just means don’t be attached to having a plan or to having an agenda.

Honoring the emotional body also means following our true desires, doing what do we really want and putting our energy into the actions that will get us where we want to go while having the inner faith and courage to act in accordance with spirit, utilizing the wholeness of our being to generate even greater faith.

Key #5 to self-empowerment is honoring the physical body for its uniqueness, which is the exact opposite of how the spiritual body is honored by recognizing its Oneness with All That Is. The way to honor any physical being is to pay strict attention and attune to their individual idiosyncrasies. With tuning in, we dial in a radio station and get a message. With attuning, we get the message, but with unclear reception. Paying attention allows us to make fine adjustments on the dial until we get perfect reception

The core healing pattern for this key of honoring the physical is to be enlightened as to your own self—to be awake to the unique individual that you are who is more precious and unique than any snowflake. The healing statement or prayer to honor the physical is, “Guide me. Please, guide me. Help me to connect so that I can be, if not happy, at least to have some joy.”

Key # 6 to self-empowerment is honoring the vital body by grabbing hold of your vital energy and letting yourself catch fire! The vital body is fueled by grabbing hold and fighting hard for what is right, empowering yourself in every way possible, not letting go of a situation until you’re blessed. Forgiveness is also one of the most powerful ways to build the vital body—letting go old grievances and thought patterns that no longer serve to do anything but drag you down.

Part of using the vital body involves inner seeing, a state where you are relaxed and receptive to subtle information all around and within you. Ask the spirit beings of the past, present and future to guide you. What can the past tell you? What can guide you in the present moment? Ask, “What does the future hold?” Trust that your inner seeing will allow you to know. The prayer of the 6th Key is, “Guide me to know what I can do to empower myself and tear up my subscription to victimhood.”

Key # 7 to self-empowerment is honoring the soul body, and the route to this lies in acceptance of who you are, where you’re at, and what you’re doing. The primary resonant brain center that correlates to honoring the soul body is the corpus callosum, which is the bridge between the hemispheres, integrating left and right, thoughts and feelings, masculine and feminine, giving and receiving. Activating the corpus callosum is the key to health, well-being and healing all the other bodies, the energetic, the spiritual, the mental, the emotional the physical, the vital and that of the soul.

Expanding the corpus callosum can be facilitated by engaging in activities that stimulate both right brain and left brain, such as projects that require manual dexterity. Working in a noisy, colorful environment filled with art and music also builds right/left brain connectivity as does working in a group. Doing cross-lateral exercises such as walking in place, raising your knees high and alternating touching each knee with the opposing elbow are also effective.

There are additional levels and layers of information to access within each of the seven keys. I’ve really just scratched the surface in this article. But the important thing to know is that there are specific ways to develop self-empowerment and they all can be boiled down to this: Know thyself. Don’t being afraid to stop, take a deep breath, soften and tune in to your inner being. For therein lies all the secrets of the universe. Here’s to your bold journey!

David H. Milgram is a holistic chiropractor at his Turtle Island Healing Centers in Flagstaff

and Sedona, Arizona. He is the founder of Positive Body Language, (PBL) which utilizes various sequences of acupressure points on the spinal column, cranium, torso, and the extremities to communicate to the body/mind/spirit in a language the biofield naturally understands.