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Positive Body Language, (PBL) is an adjunctive healing system
utilizing various sequences of acupressure points on the spinal
column, cranium, torso, and the extremities to communicate to the
body/mind/spirit in a language the morphogenetic field (the
bio-informational energetic field of the cells) naturally understands.
Through gently contacting a series of access points related to the
chakras, the brain, and the meridians, Positive Body Language offers
the practitioner a safe and effective way to encourage physiological,
mental, emotional and spiritual harmonization within the whole energy

Positive Body Language is designed to make your healing practice more
impactful for your patients, less impactful on your body and provide a
deeper connection to health and wellness for you and all your

Positive Body Language Seminars teach you the
7 Keys to Positive Body Language:
principles and practices, tools and techniques

The 7 Keys to Positive Body Language are arranged in 3, two-day
seminars: Levels 1, 2, and 3.

Each two-day seminar honors every aspect of the chiropractic triangle:
physical, chemical and auto-suggestive; the emotional, mental and
spiritual components of the human being.

Each seminar includes multiple hands-on sessions called the
Metapracticum where the Positive Body Language access points that
relate to each one of the 7 Keys are taught in association with
soft-tissue chiropractic; the spinal, cranial, and extremity adjusting
of ligaments, muscles, tendons and organ reflexes to balance and
harmonize the nervous system of the whole body.

The Positive Body Language seminars are open to the lay person and
professional alike. Whether you are of chiropractic or allopathic,
osteopathic or naturopathic persuasion, you are welcome to learn the
principles and practices of PBL. Whether herbalist or homeopath,
massage therapist or naprapath, sound or color therapist, you are
welcome to learn PBL. If you want to learn simple ways to viably
empower your self, PBL is for you.



• PBL Level 1 seminars consist of an overview of the whole PBL system
and teaches the Positive Body Language access points for Key #1,
honoring the Energy Body, Key #2, honoring the Spiritual Body, and Key
#3, honoring the Mental Body.

• The Level 1 Metapracticum will include the whole “Low Back Without a
Crack” protocol. The Low Back Without a Crack protocol is a very
gentle and safe, low-risk protocol to stabilize the low back and the
whole body of a patient.

• The Level 1 Metapracticum will also include how to do Dr. Kuntz’s
Pain Control Procedure to facilitate total body relaxation, as well as
his Master Ankle Adjustment.

Dates for Level 1 Seminars:
August 17th-18th
Sept. 28th-29th

Regular Fee: $797.00

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• PBL Level 2 seminars consist of an overview of Level 1 and teaches
the Positive Body Language access points for Key #4, honoring the
Emotional Body, Key #5, honoring the Physical Body, and Key #6,
honoring the Vital Body.

The Level 2 Metapracticum will include teaching a “trick of the old
masters” that Dr. Charles Kuntz taught, which is how to do a specific
technique to encourage the parasympathetic nervous system to induce
total body relaxation, called the Foramen Magnum Breathing Technique.

The Level 2 Metapracticum also includes Positive Body Language access
points to help the body deal better with the effects of various
environmental stressors, whether from food, chemical, heavy metal, or
electromagnetic source, such as non-ionizing and ionizing

Dates for Level 2 Seminars:
Dates To Be Announced


• Level 3 will consist of an overview of Level 1-2 (Keys 1-6) and
teach the Positive Body Language access points for Key # 7, honoring
the Soul Body.

• The Level 3 Metapracticum will include teaching the PBL access
points for engendering acceptance, gratitude, peace, and compassion.
The Level 3 Metapracticum includes Positive Body Language sequences
that facilitate the health and well being of the brain itself.

• The Level 3 Metapracticum also includes how to gracefully integrate
the principles and practices, the tools and techniques of adjusting
your own body, or others, from above down and inside out.

Dates for Level 3 Seminars:

To Be Announced

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