Key #7 in the 7 Keys to Self-empowerment is honoring the soul body, and the route to this lies in acceptance, acceptance of who you are, where you’re at and what you’re doing. Remember I relate the seven tonalities to the seven aspects of a plant’s growth and development: the root, the stem, the branch, the leaf, the flower, the fruit and the seeds.

  • The 1st tonality and root of honoring the soul, is really all about acceptance of one’s path, accepting your path in life and staying on it no matter what.
  • The 2nd tonality, the stem of honoring the soul is what I call graceful integration. This is where we choose to integrate with who we are and where we’re at and what we’re doing rather than disintegrate. Integration enables our spiritual force to keep assisting us no matter where we are on our path.
  • The 3rd tonality is the branch of gratitude, having thankfulness and gratitude for what is, what has been and what is to come. Gratitude is the most important key to honor your path. When we fill ourselves with gratitude, we are literally feeding our soul. Without it the soul starves. A little gratitude can get you through the roughest of times and detours on your path.
  • The 4th tonality of honoring the soul is called the leaves of peace, turning over the leaves of peace again and again. Letting yourself have peace and be at peace is a major key to utilizing all the other positive aspects of one’s existence, energetic, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and that of the vital energy that feeds the soul.
  • The 5th tonality of healing and honoring the soul body is called the flower of inner healing where we let all our experiences be food for inner healing and integration as we travel our path.
  • The 6th tonality, which is the fruit, is called revering your purpose, shining the true colors of the real you. Reverence for your purpose and being strong in it will lead you on to the finer realms of the Divine, enabling you to create a better path for yourself and for those around you.
  • The 7th tonality of healing of the 7th Key of honoring the soul (basically the 49th key) is compassion. Compassion in my book and in Positive Body Language is the integration of wisdom and love, a feminine internal intuitive wisdom blended with masculine external sociological love.

Having compassion is the key that lifts us up into the seventh healing law, and the seventh healing law is the Healing Law of Authority. This is where we gain our inner medical or chiropractic or osteopathic or naturopathic license! At the seventh tonality of honoring the soul body, we give ourselves to the marriage, the integration, of using wisdom and love to have compassion for ourselves and for those around us.

In the 6th Key of honoring the vital body, the major access and attention mode was knowing. Now, the primary access and attention mode of the seventh chakra and of the 7th Key to self-empowerment, honoring the soul body, is to sip on a little certainty.

The primary resonant brain center that correlates to honoring the soul body is the corpus callosum, which is the bridge between the hemispheres, integrating left and right, thoughts and feelings, masculine and feminine, giving and receiving. The corpus callosum is the key to the health well-being and healing of all the other bodies; the energetic, the spiritual, the mental, the emotional the physical, the vital and that of the soul.

The major chakra associated with the seventh key is the seventh chakra also known as the crown chakra. The primary direction of honoring healing in the soul body is to move onward, to keep moving and never stop.


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