Key #6 in the 7 Keys to Self-empowerment is honoring the vital body by grabbing hold of our vital energy and letting ourselves catch fire! The 6th Key is where we really learn to empower ourselves.

  • The 1st tonality of honoring the vital body is grabbing hold of vital life force energy and letting it take us for a ride.
  • The 2nd tonality of honoring the vital body is fortifying our essential creativity. Without grabbing hold, there is no real fortifying. One must seek to grab hold first in order to be enabled to fortify ourselves with the essential nature of creative life energy.
  • The 3rd tonality is forgiveness. Forgiveness is one of the most powerful healing forces in the world. Forgiveness is only necessary as a healing agent when we need it and once we have used it, we don’t need it anymore.
  • The 4th tonality is empowerment. At any moment in our life, we always can make the choice to empower ourselves through connection and/or forgiveness or joy etcetera. Either that or we can re-up our lifetime subscription to The body actually has a will to be well and knows how to do it when we empower ourselves with all good things: good food, good drink, good company, good music, etcetera.
  • The 5th tonality of honoring the vital body is called inner seeing, a state where we are relaxed and receptive and open to subtle information all around and within us. We ask the spirit beings of the past, present and future to guide us. What can the past tell us? What guides us in the present moment? What does the future hold? Trusting our inner seeing enables us to do what needs to be done regardless of circumstances.
  • The 6th tonality is regenerating and regaining strength. This is often done through letting go of karma from the past and grabbing hold of the dharma of what will lead us forth positively into the future. In that way, we get on track with being one with our purpose, and thus we regenerate our strength. Any experience, any situation can be used to garner and gain greater strength or can be used to let it go.
  • The 7th tonality of honoring the vital body is called blessings, grabbing hold so strong, fighting so hard for what is right, empowering oneself in every way possible, not letting go of the dark angel until we’re blessed. Even if we end up with a wound, we keep exerting our strength until we find blessing.

The prayer, the statement of the 6th Key is “Guide me to know what I can do to empower myself and tear up that subscription to victimhood. Remembering both the wound and the healing can make us stronger. Through trusting our inner seeing, we become a great catalyzing force to raise ourselves up to the fruit of honoring the vital body, which is regenerating our strength.

The healing law of the vital body is the Law of Appropriate Therapeutic Activity, doing the right thing depending on the circumstances.

The chakra that’s associated with honoring the vital body is the sixth chakra, the place of knowing. The pituitary gland itself is constantly having to know what’s going on in the rest of the body so that it can produce the right hormones to keep the body in balance and strong. In the Middle Ages, they called the pituitary gland “the gland of persistent effort” because it never stops working to bless us.

The core energetic of honoring the vital body is fighting for what’s right, being strong and working for the good.


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