Key #5 in the 7 Keys to Self-empowerment is honoring the physical body. The key to honoring the physical body is midway between the Fourth Key of honoring the emotional body through letting go and the Sixth Key of honoring the vital body through grabbing hold.

We honor the physical body for its uniqueness, which is the opposite of how the spiritual body is honoring its Oneness with All That Is. In the spiritual body, we’re all like ice cubes in our compartmentalized trays. We think we’re so different from each other, but melt us down and we’re all the same: water. The way to honor any being is to pay strict attention and attune to their individual idiosyncrasies. The root of honoring the physical body is in attuning. With tuning in, we dial in a radio station and get a message. With attuning, we get the message, but with unclear reception until making a fine adjustment on the dial. Then we get perfect reception.

  • The 1st tonality to honoring the physical body is finding our special energetic ground through atttuning into our uniqueness.
  • The 2nd tonality is a natural impulse to raise up, to rise up once we have identified and attuned to our uniqueness, an energetic lifting impulse that naturally builds a bridge between the head and the heart.
  • The 3rd tonality of honoring the physical body is a transformation of energy – a spiritual awakening to realize and rise up to our highest mental potential while experiencing emotional transformation, physical regeneration, and vital rejuvenation. It all starts with the energy of authentically being where we are really at.
  • The 4th tonality of honoring the physical body is connections. This is where real transformation happens – where we connect. The neck is the connection between the head and the heart. The nectar is in the connecter.
  • The 5th tonality is what I call inner voice listening – inner hearing. This is a major key, for we gain more from learning to listen to our own inner voice than probably anything else in the universe. Oftentimes we know the answers to questions that we don’t think we know the answers to. But we can only know the answer when we let ourselves connect.
  • The 6th tonality of honoring the physical body I call resonating with laughter. Those who are capable of laughter are basically filled with wellbeing. Those who cannot laugh are usually sick on many tonalities.
  • The 7th tonality in honoring the physical body is laughter itself. Laughter lifts us up. There is no real laughter without happiness. Recent research in neurology has found that happiness is more of an overall general feeling. Joy is a feeling that’s more ephemeral, that comes and goes in the moment. A lot of the heart-core work in honoring the physical body is developing the ability to find some joy amidst despair to bless one’s physical body.

I correlate all the aspects of honoring the physical body with the fifth chakra of communication where we let our heart be in our head and our head be in our heart and we let them connect and reap the nectar of life in that connection. We already know how to connect. It’s just getting ourselves to relax and tune in deeply enough to do it.

The healing law that’s associated with honoring the physical body is called the Law of Therapeutic Seer-ship, where we are seeing and hearing, and trusting our seeing and hearing—trusting our imagination. Imagination is the access mode for honoring the physical. What you can imagine opens more doors than you can perceive until you imagine it. So imagination is a giant key to opening the doors of your perceptions so that you see things more as they truly are: infinite and eternal.

The core healing pattern for this key of honoring the physical is to be enlightened as to your own self—to be awake to the unique individual that you are who is more precious and unique than any snowflake.

The healing statement or prayer to honor the physical is, “Guide me. Please, guide me. Help me to connect so that I can be, if not happy- at least to have some joy.”

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