Key #3 in the 7 Keys to Self-empowerment is about honoring the mind. It is about opening to the divine mind within us, the voice of God, the voice of the spirit guiding us, prompting us, trying to help us grow and learn, by honoring our own mental processes.

The biblical character Noah is a great example of honoring the mental body. Noah was asked by God to build the ark, and the specifications were very exacting. To get the job done building the ark and landing safely after the flood, Noah had to be very centered and learn to listen to an extreme level. He had to learn to trust his own mind and the information he was receiving.

The healing law of the 3rd Key is the Law of the Healing Crisis. Divine energy flows through the midline of the body, which reflects the first out of the seven tonalities pertaining to the 3rd Key:

  • The 1st tonality is the root of centering oneself through aligning with the central energy that’s continuously flowing through the midline of the body, brain, and spine.
  • The 2nd tonality of honoring the mental body is the step of transcending mental limitations.

  • The 3rd tonality is consciousness, and consciousness can relate not only to the mind, but to the spirit and the emotions and the soul. The alignment of the body and the consciousness of the mind are fundamentally interrelated to the breathing of the spirit.

  • The 4th tonality of honoring the mental body is harmony. This is where real transformation happens, for without harmony in our mind, we cannot grow in any good way. Harmony within the mind is a major key for many of the other keys.

  • The 5th tonality is that of inner learning and inner obedience. We can be informed by our energy and our spirit through our alignment of breathing and our consciousness, but it is through our inner trust and being obedient to that divine voice within that is the key.

  • The 6th tonality of honoring the mental body and the fruit of all those labors is realizing understanding, having the realization of what truth is medicine, what awareness is the healer.

  • The 7th tonality is metanoia, the divine mind within you that is beyond the intellectual linear mind. It signifies a genuine reconversion of the heart, where we change, where we let go of some attachment mentally, emotionally, whatever, and listen to the divine voice within.

Generally, we think of alignment as being of the body, but alignment relates to many things, including the mind. Centering, which results in a natural homeostasis or equilibrium, is very important to all living processes. For example, centering one’s blood sugar is a major key for keeping mental harmony and balance. When your blood sugar is balanced, you’re not too wired and not too tired. And to keep that center means, for many people, to eat on time and eat the foods that are right for them.

How can you really know what your mental limitations are and which ones you want to transcend and how completely if you don’t center yourself first?

When we align ourselves, it helps lift up our consciousness. Conversely, when we use our consciousness, it helps our body’s alignment. For example, we can train ourselves to become more conscious of our body’s posture and straighten up as needed, which aids our breathing and our mental clarity.

While creating harmony in the mind may be facilitated by getting rid of negative emotions or avoiding toxic chemicals and things that are unhealthy, learning to live in a state of harmonization, (no matter what state you’re in), is more about creating an inner harmonization so that the body can more easily adapt to the stresses and the toxins in the environment, and allow us to really raise ourselves up to the fifth tonality of inner learning and inner obedience where we are informed by our energy and our spirit. Tonality five is where we say to spirit, “Teach me, please. Teach me.”

From there we move into the tonality of realization and finally into the embrace of our higher divine mind.


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