Key #2 in the 7 Keys to Self-empowerment is about honoring the spiritual body and creating a portable temple within ourselves. In the 1st Key, we grasp the seed of spiritual transformation. In the 2nd Key, we learn how to survive in the spiritual world.

The root of honoring the spiritual body is honesty, trueness, genuineness, and authenticity with self. It is about refining our spiritual awareness, opening to the idea that we need to refine our spiritual awareness to evolve and grow.

The healing law of the 2nd Key to honor the spiritual body is called the Law of the Direction of Cure. This law says that healing happens from the top down and the inside out, from the less vital to the more vital. Healing happens at ADIO; above, down & inside out.

Remember, each one of the 7 Keys has seven tonalities within it relating to the seven aspects of a plant’s growth and development: the root, the stem, the branch, the leaf, the flower, the fruit and the seeds.

  • The 1st tonality of the 2nd Key is honesty, which is the root of spiritual awareness.
  • The 2nd tonality is about refining spiritual awareness born out of honesty.
  • The 3rd tonality of honoring the spiritual body is breathing. A very simple and yet complex thing, breathing is the link between the body and the mind. Breathing is a major determinant to the quantity and the quality of the spiritual energy that flows.
  • The 4th tonality of honoring the spiritual body is integrity.
  • The 5th tonality is increasing the quality and the depth of our awareness, of being open and using inner truth and awareness as a medicine.
  • The 6th tonality is about respecting wholeness, honoring oneness, looking at the whole picture rather than compartmentalizing into right or wrong, good or bad, feminine or masculine, logical or intuitive camps.
  • The 7th tonality is prayer. What is your prayer? What do you really want? Are you following your own prayer? Are you following someone else’s for you? Are you living according to what you really want? What are you really praying for?

In alignment with the Law of the Direction of Cure, the human body is an upside down tree fed by cerebrospinal fluid. The cerebrospinal fluid is produced in the roots (the brain) and flows within the brain ventricles and inside the spinal cord in what’s called the spinal canal. I call this space within the spinal cord and brain the Holy of Holies. This is the sacred space of the body.

The primary brain center that relates to the 2nd Key is the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that tells us how far can we go and still be safe. The prefrontal cortex is also the part of the brain that looks at the whole picture for your protection.

The dominant energetic of the 2nd Key blocking our recognition of the spiritual body comes from the fact that we suffer from the illusion of separation. We think because we have individual bodies that we are separate. But in reality we are really united with the Source.

The primary direction of honoring the spiritual body is centrifugal, creatively expressing ourselves outwardly, being honest and true in our expression. The core body pattern that we seek to honor within the spiritual body relates to holographic processing. It is said in Gestalt Psychology that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. With an individual seeking health, wellness and healing, the 2nd Key is all-important, helping us to not merely look at the parts, but to put the pieces together into a greater whole so that we may realize and manifest the greater energy that seeks to flow through us.


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