The 7 Keys to self-empowerment may be used individually, sequentially, cumulatively, and/or simultaneously. Each key builds upon the other keys creating a foundation for the harmonization of the mind, body and spirit leading to self-empowerment. Each Key is harmonized by the one that comes immediately after it and is fulfilled by the next one after that.

The 1st Key is about tuning into self-worth and self-love. The essence of the 1st Key is tuning in to honor the energy body to know thyself by giving yourself the opportunity to embrace the wisdom held in potential within your energy body.

The 1st Key is really about gaining a foothold within your own energetic field, giving yourself an opportunity to grasp the energetic seed that may transform you, illuminate you and potentially create healing on many tonalitys.

Each one of the seven keys relates to a healing law. The healing law that resonates with the 1st Key of tuning in to honor the energy body is the Law of Like Treats Like, or, as I like to say, love treats love. This is all about resonance and vibration and finding the right vibration to treat another light vibration.

Each one of the 7 Keys to Self-empowerment has seven tonalities within it. I relate those seven tonalities to the seven aspects of a plant’s growth and development: the root, the stem, the branch, the leaf, the flower, the fruit and the seeds.

  • The 1st tonality of the 1st Key is the root of tuning into your energy body, going within, (and go with Yin) to find your energetic ground.
  • The 2nd tonality is the stem of allowing receptivity to the feelings within your awareness to nourish the spiritual body awakening.
  • The 3rd tonality is the branch of alignment of the body, mind, and spirit which opens the door to your mental body potential for healing.
  • The 4th tonality is where the real energy transformation occurs: In turning over the leaves of relaxation, over and over again. There is no emotional body transformation without it.
  • The 5th tonality relates to cultivating the flower of inner trust by vibrating with the tonal energy of one’s true spirit, to regenerate the occupant residing within the physical body.
  • The 6th tonality is the fruit of receiving your own sacred space. Vital body transfiguration.
  • The 7th tonality is the seed of soul illumination where you become completely in touch with the internal intuitive, divine feminine wisdom.

The primary way that we experience our energy body is through the pineal gland in the brain. The pineal gland is different from every other gland in the human body in that it has two types of tissue, both soft tissue like the rest of the brain and hard tissue in the form of hydroxyapatite crystals. Everyone actually has a crystal in their skull that surrounds their pineal gland!

As the spiritual sensing organ of the human being, the pineal center lets us know what is going on within our energy field, and the primary way that we experience our energy field is through our feelings, going within and receiving ourselves, being in touch with the divine feminine.

Feeling unworthy and holding onto self-judgment and negative feelings are the main blocks to receiving energetic information. I’ve learned over the years, working with thousands of people, that the best way to diminish feelings of unworthiness that block us is, instead of striving for happiness, a much better goal to set forth is to just strive for neutrality. Divine Neutral.

When we can let ourselves be neutral about ourselves and everything else, we become more receptive and capable of receiving the divine feminine within us. We can soften to our own self and receive our inner being, the spirit within us.

Softening and receptivity are the primary aspects of healing that I believe precede all other aspects of healing.  Because when we soften and receive we can open the chakra doors and lotus petals to find that balance and peace flowing within our energy field.


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