The Keys

The 7 Keys to Self-empowerment are multi-layered, multidimensional processes of attunement and self-awareness that will help you gain a foothold within your own energetic field, giving you the opportunity to grasp the energetic seeds that may transform you, illuminate you and potentially create healing on many different levels—energetic, spiritual, mental, emotional,
physical, vital, and soul—thus giving you the opportunity to embrace the wisdom and potentials held in the entirety of your system. Each one of the 7 Keys relates to a healing law, and each one of the 7 Keys to Self-empowerment has seven tonalities within it. I relate those seven tonalities to the seven aspects of a plant’s growth and development: the root, the stem, the branch, the leaf, the flower, the fruit and the seeds.

Working with the 7 Keys is about tuning into self-worth and self-love. It is about honoring the spiritual body and creating a portable temple within ourselves reflecting honesty, trueness, genuineness, and authenticity with self. It is about refining our spiritual awareness to evolve and grow and recognize that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The 7 Keys help us to not merely recognize the parts that make us who we are, they are a pathway to help us put the pieces together into a greater whole so that we may realize and manifest the greater Divine life energy that seeks to flow through us.