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About Dr. David Milgram

Dr. David Milgram, Founder of Positive Body Language

Positive Body Language is the life work of holistic chiropractor and
energy healer Dr. David Milgram. At a young age, David discovered an
ability to intuitively use hands-on healing to help animals and
people. Choosing the healing path of chiropractic, in 1982 he
graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in St. Paul,
Minnesota, and set up his practices, (originally Wellspring Health
Center), now Turtle Island Healing Center, in Flagstaff and Sedona,

Determined to continue learning, “taking the best and leaving the
rest,” he studied SOT (Sacro-Occipital Technique) direct from the
master, Dr. Bertrand DeJarnette, aka “The Major.” He also worked with
Dr. Joseph Runyon, a board-certified doctor in chiropractic,
acupuncture and cranial work and an expert in nutrition, neurology and
orthopedics. His next educational leap came with Dr. Donald Epstein,
founder of Network Chiropractic, learning his quantum-centered (rather
than purely mechanistic) approach to the spine.

During this advanced educational period, Dr. Milgram also experienced
what he calls “the training of my life” working on various Indian
reservations across the state. His first native patient was
Grandfather David Monongye, a Hopi Prophecy Keeper and Rainbow Tribe
Chief. “By 1986, I had about three dozen patients over the age of 75,
most of whom were chiefs of some sort. About a half dozen were over a
hundred years old. This is where I learned to go very deep while being
completely gentle.”

In 1992, he began what would be an almost 20-year intensive course of
study with Dr. Victor Frank N.D., D.C. in Total Body Modification
(TBM), integrating Chinese Medicine with the Western understanding of
the body, learning Emotional Erase techniques and ways to neutralize
environmental stressors on the body. In 1996, Dr. Frank referred him
to the man who had helped him develop TBM, the legendary
meta-physician, Dr. Charles Kuntz D.C., PhD., D.D.. “Upon meeting him,
I quickly became his apprentice,” says Milgram. “He taught me many
tricks of the old masters from years ago.”

Positive Body Language (PBL), an adjunctive healing system using sacred
healing points on the body to communicate to the body, mind and
spirit, is the capstone of Dr. Milgram’s almost 40-year odyssey,
integrating all of his work and education so far.

And the journey continues!


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