Keys to Self Empowerment
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David Milgram

Dr. David Milgram, Founder of Positive Body Language

Positive Body Language is the life work of holistic chiropractor and
energy healer Dr. David Milgram. At a young age, David discovered an
ability to intuitively use hands-on healing to help animals and
people. Choosing the healing path of chiropractic, in 1982 he
graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in St. Paul,
Minnesota, and set up his practices, (originally Wellspring Health
Center), now Turtle Island Healing Center, in Flagstaff and Sedona,

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The 7 Keys to Self-empowerment are multi-layered, multidimensional processes of attunement and self-awareness that will help you gain a foothold within your own energetic field, giving you the opportunity to grasp the energetic seeds that may transform you, illuminate you and potentially create healing on many different levels—energetic, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, vital, and soul—thus giving you the opportunity to embrace the wisdom and potentials held in the entirety of your system. Each one of the 7 Keys relates to a healing law, and each one of the 7 Keys to Self-empowerment has seven tonalities within it. I relate those seven tonalities to the seven aspects of a plant’s growth and development: the root, the stem, the branch, the leaf, the flower, the fruit and the seeds.

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The 7 Healing Keys to Self-empowerment

If we were to read all the books that were lost when the great library at Alexandria burned, we would learn nothing so important as what the ancient Greeks talked about when they said, Know thyself.

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Self-Empowerment Is a Process

Self-empowerment is not a thing or an accomplishment or a final destination, self-empowerment is a life-long process of self-realization and change, growing stronger and hopefully more humble as we awaken to the divine within.

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Walking the Talk of Self-empowerment

As a licensed chiropractor, energetic healer, and founder of the Positive Body Language system of healing, I have discovered working with thousands of people that there are seven major healing keys to developing self-empowerment.

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Positive Body Language Seminars

Principles and Practices, Tools and Techniques


Positive Body Language, (PBL) is an adjunctive healing system
utilizing various sequences of acupressure points on the spinal
column, cranium, torso, and the extremities to communicate to the
body/mind/spirit in a language the morphogenetic field (the
bio-informational energetic field of the cells) naturally understands.

The 7 Keys to Positive Body Language are arranged in 3, two-day
seminars: Levels 1, 2, and 3.

Each two-day seminar honors every aspect of the chiropractic triangle:
physical, chemical and auto-suggestive; the emotional, mental and
spiritual components of the human being.


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